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Are you chemically dependent – addicted – to an opiate or similar drug? Some of these drugs include Vicodin, Oxycontin, morphine, Dilaudid, heroin, etc. Do you want to free yourself of your addiction? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Suboxone therapy can be effective for you. Suboxone treatment works to deter your addiction to drugs used for pain relief.

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About Suboxone Treatment

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Stages of Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone induction is the process you use to stop taking your opiate of choice. Don’t worry, this process will only last a short time (usually 2-3 hours), after which you will take one or more Suboxone tablets. These tablets will free you of your craving, helping you feel normal again.

You will not be alone in your journey to free yourself from opiate addiction. During the maintenance phase, you will see your clinician at Omaha Pain Physicians regularly to monitor your progress. During this time, your clinician will adjust your dosage if necessary and address any questions or issues you may have. At Omaha Pain Physicians, our clinicians don’t stop there. We will continue to help you throughout your journey by providing support and ongoing counseling in order to minimize your risk of relapse.

The last phase of Suboxone treatment is the medical taper phase. In this phase, you and your healthcare team at Omaha Pain Physicians will determine if the time is right to begin slowly tapering down your dose of Suboxone.