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The Omaha Pain Difference

Whether you aim to improve your health, physical function or alleviate your pain, Omaha Pain Physicians will bring together a team to find the best approach for your health care needs, helping you to not only decrease your pain but to also lead a healthy lifestyle

First Line

After conservative management with anti-inflammatories and other non-opiate medications as well as physical therapy and chiropractic care, we can offer a variety of injections: PRP, Joint Injections, Epidural Steroid Injections, Peripheral nerve blocks and more.

Second Line

Should a patient fail to respond with first line therapy, we offer: Spinal Cord Stimulation, Dorsal root ganglion stimulation, as well as infusion therapy tailored to your patients needs, including Ketamine, lidocaine, and intrathecal pain pumps.

Third Line

Should your patient fail to respond, we can offer safe and responsible opiate management. We can also help with addiction management through Suboxone therapy.

Portrait Of A Handsome Young Man With Back Pain Standing In The Medical Office
Depressed Young Woman Thinking About Her Problems While Sitting On The Sofa At Home.
Headache Pain, Anxiety And Senior Woman Thinking Of Mental Health Problem On The Living Room Sofa In House. Sad Elderly Person With Depression, Home Stress And Frustrated With Retirement On The Couch
Woman With Back Pain In The Office
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Old Man Suffering Back Pain

Refer A Patient

To refer a patient to Omaha Pain simply fill out the form below, attach Patient Demographic/Office notes, and click the send button. Once received, we will contact the patient. You are not required to fax a referral but if you prefer to, our fax number is: 402.934.8119

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